CHIT CHAT WITH SOUNDCHECK MTL Sitting down with various people in the music industry and chit chatting about whatever comes to mind. Each video will be filmed either in studio with live performances or out in a different place or venue.

Like the ever popular "Rig Rundown" videos, this will be a little different. We will be interviewing musicians and talking about their first ever rig setup. What they had to use and create when they first started and then moving on to see where they are at now.

Affiliation with Broadcast 514 which will be both live broadcasts and podcasts with Darragh and Dan talking about whatever is on their mind and playing some awesome music!

Various written articles by different contributors to Soundcheck MTL which will include CD Reviews. live concert reviews and observations on what's going on at the moment in music

Live photos from various shows taken by different contributors to Soundcheck MTL.